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Barsoom is a planet closely resembling Mars, and thus it is often referred to as Mars. There are 5 types of Martians who live on Barsoom, the five types being Green, Red, White, Yellow and Black.

The Green Martians are a tall, green creatures with four arms, whereas the other Martians are human like in appearance apart from skin colour.

Points of Interest

Helium - The home of the Red Martians.

Thark - Home of the Tharks.

Warhoon - Home of the Warhoons.


Red Martians

  • Dejah Thoris - A Red Martian and Princess of Mars.
  • Mors Kajak - Dejah Thoris' father and Jeddak of Lower Helium.

Green Martians

Black Martians

  • Xodar - The Jeddak of the First Born.

White Martians

White Apes


Carthoris - The son of Dejah Thoris and John Carter.


  • The Martians of Barsoom tend not to wear clothing, but rather ornaments, jewellery and harnesses, the harnesses being used for carrying weapons or other equipment they might need.
  • Barsoom's gravity is different to Earth's, and so people can leap off of higher places without severe injury.


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