Real Name
Bjorn (father; deceased)
Unnamed Mother
Brynjar (brother; deceased)

Unusual Features
Extremely tall
Marital Status
First appearance
Appearance of Death


Bjarte was an ordinary child when he first saw a frost giant, or Jotunn as they are also known as. When he was older, along with his brother, Brynjar, attempted to kill the frost giant, but to no avail. The giant then attacked the village and kidnapped a woman called Astrid, and when Brynjar set off to kill the giant, he discovered Astrid's half-eaten corpse. Brynjar was eventually killed by the giant, and Bjarte ended up going into the cave to kill the giant. He then killed the giant, but in doing so, he became a frost giant as the curse is that there must be a frost giant living in the cave. Red Sonja arrived years later and fought him, but after they fought for a while, Bjarte was accepting of his fate, and actually wanting to die. Because of this, Sonja spared him and let him explain why he was so willing to have his life ended. After Bjarte explained how he became the giant, he tried to kill Sonja yet again, trying to convince her to finally kill him, and succeeded. Sonja slew the giant as her cowardly guide returned. Sonja told the guide that the giant would not shut up about all the gold that it had and claimed that she was just 'a simple girl' and had no interest in the gold, and so the guide entered the cave before Sonja caused it to collapse so that he would become the next giant rather than her, and then she took his horse as Bjarte killed hers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Superhuman Strength

Strength level

Bjarte possesses extreme amounts of strength



Giant Sword

Giant Dagger


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