Blade of the Vaven

Information-silk Official Name
Blade of the Vaven
Information-silk Model
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Origin
Magic; Weapon
Information-silk Current Owner
The Zedda
First appearance


The Blade of the Vaven was a blade which Fa had used to heal Red Sonja. The blade was the only thing keeping Sonja alive, but it needed to be returned to the Zeddas' great idol. Red Sonja, alongside Osin, Solath, Mika and Kang, journeyed to the idol to return the blade, and when they arrived, Solath betrayed them, killing both Mika and Kang. Sonja stabbed her in the throat with the Blade of the Vaven, before collapsing. Osin then returned the blade before Sonja's heart had beat 4 times (after removing the blade, it needed to be returned in four heartbeats, otherwise Sonja would die).


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