Earth-818793 is the universe in which most of the comics published by Dynamite Entertainment are set in.



  • The Top Cow Universe (or a variation of it) and Earth-818793 appear to be the same as some of the events of Army of Darkness follow on from Monster War.
  • Earth-818793 was named by Marvel Comics when Ash Williams met the Marvel Zombies in the Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness limited series. Although Ash's home universe wasn't mentioned by number in the crossover itself, it was given it's official number in the Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities handbook. The Earth's number itself follows Marvel's tradition of numbering it's universes after significant "real world" dates, 818793 represents the years that the films that make up the original Evil Dead trilogy were released: 81 (The Evil Dead), 87 (Evil Dead 2), and 93 (Army of Darkness).
  • Earth-818793's history has been altered on multiple occasions thanks to the actions (or sometimes lack thereof) of Ash Williams. The first instance of Ash re-writing history (and the one that caused the most significant changes) occurred in the second volume of Army of Darkness, where he had completely undone everything that had happened in his life after he returned from 1300 AD. This causes several continuity errors across multiple Dynamite titles, with most being unresolved.