Real Name
Eva St. George
Current Alias
Daughter of The Dragon
Dracula (father; deceased)
Ayisha, Irina & Mei Ling (step-mothers; deceased)
Base Of Operations
formerly New York City

Marital Status
Monster Hunter
Human/Vampire hybrid
Place of Birth


Eva St. George is the daughter of Vlad Tepes, better known as Dracula. He father was a warlord who wanted nothing more than power and an heir to his throne, but his pregnant wife could not stand his ruthlessness nor his lack of mercy, and thus decided to kill herself. When Vlad found out, he begged and pleaded with God to resurrect his wife and unborn child. Instead of God, a demon who claimed he was an angel responded to Vlad's cry. The demon said he would resurrect his wife if Vlad agreed to become an "angel" do the bidding of "God". Tepes was then transformed into the monster he became known for being, but found that his wife still lay dead, and thought God had tricked him. He buried his wife and unborn child far from the castle from which he ruled his empire.

What Dracula did not know was that the demon resurrected the unborn child instead of his wife, and soon, a pack of wolves raised the abandoned child as one of their own until Brother Miran of the Rosebud Monastery found her and raised her in secret. The monks in the monastery found that she had the ability to see the black influences in men and wipe them out. She trained to combat this evil and left the monastery to go and destroy all the evil she could.

In 1599, Eva encountered a fortune teller who told her that her father was Dracula, and she needed The Spike of The Crucifixion to protect herself from him. When Eva leaves the fortune teller's tent, a man named Praetorious tells her that he has been watching her for a long time, and he has the Spike that is capable of killing Dracula and is willing to give it to her, but first she must face the beast that guards the Philosopher's Stone in the mountains and bring the stone to him. Eva agrees and arrives at the cave where the stone resides. But before she can enter, Dracula is waiting for her. The guardian of the stone willingly gives Eva the Stone, telling her that she must keep it out of the hands of Dracula at all costs and must leave at once. When Eva returns from the mountain, Praetorious gives Eva the Spike and she gives him the Philosopher's Stone.

When Ash Williams went back in time to find The Spike of The Crucifixion, the only weapon that can destroy Dracula (who was taking over modern day New York City), he briefly was turned into a werewolf after a battling against a pack of werewolves. Eva was looking for the werewolves and almost killed the Wolf-Ash until he was recognized by a monk who noticed Ash's Metal Gauntlet. Eva shot a magic arrow at Ash, turning him human once again. Ash and Eva took The Spike back to the present day and headed off to battle Dracula. Ash, Eva, and Frankenstein's Monster made their way into Dracula's new throne room and fought through hoards of vampires, werewolves, and deadites, with Eva taking The Spike and shoving it into her father's chest, ending Dracula's new empire.

Years later, Eva joined a team of superhumans who were trying to prevent the destruction of the world by Kulan Gath. Other members of this team included her father, Dracula, Herbert West, Red Sonja, Vampirella, Pantha and Athena.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Reflexes

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Strength



Unarmed Combat (Basic)





The Spike of The Crucifixion