Horn of Nergal

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Horn of Nergal
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Red Sonja had once tried to obtain the Horn of Nergal, but her quest ended in disappointment. Later, while in Luxur, the capital city of Stygia, Sonja met Azenathi, a servant of Bast, and Azenathi sent Sonja on yet another quest for the horn, but this time it was a success. Sonja however, had used the horn and realised its true power, and thus destroyed it as she felt that no one should have that much power, and she left the remnants of the horn on the floor of the Tower of Bast, in front of Azenathi, and thus keeping her end of the bargain as she did indeed give Azenathi the horn. Sonja then decapitated Azenathi and left the destroyed horn behind, yet another promise Sonja had kept.


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