The Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger 05 Cover C
Real Name
John Reid
Current Alias
The Lone Ranger
Kemosabe; Ranger Reid; Masked Man; Uncle John
Anthony Wayne (great-grandfather; deceased)
David Wayne (grandfather; deceased)
Pauline Wayne (grandmother; deceased)
James Reid (father; deceased)
Clara Reid (mother; deceased)
Lillian Wayne (aunt; deceased)
Joseph Preston (uncle; deceased)
William Preston (cousin; deceased)
Dan Reid Sr. (brother; deceased)
Linda Reid (sister-in-law;deceased)
Dan Reid Jr. (nephew; deceased)
Britt Reid Sr. (great nephew; deceased)
Britt Reid Jr. (great, great nephew)

Vigilante; formerly Texas Ranger
Place of Birth
Place of Death


John Reid (born 1850) was a Texas Ranger and later the vigilante known as The Lone Ranger from 1869 to 1896 and briefly in 1938.

Prior to becoming a Texas Ranger, Reid was studying to become a lawyer. However, when John's father offered him the chance to join the Rangers like him and his brother in 1868, John took the offer and quit his schooling.

In 1869, John, his brother, his father, and three other Rangers were ambushed by outlaws waiting for them in Bryant's Gap. Shot multiple times, John was believed to be dead by the gang, but this was not the case. John, just barely living, was discovered and nursed back to health by an Indian named Tonto. After fully recovering from his wounds, John decided that he was going after the leader of the gang that killed his fellow rangers, Butch Cavendish.

Eventually catching Cavendish and sending him to prison, John continued his mission to bring justice to the American Frontier as The Lone Ranger until his retirement in 1896. After his retirement, he helped his nephew, Dan Reid Jr., establish a newspaper in Chicago called "The Daily Sentinel" with the money from his private Silver Mine. Later in 1896, he was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Teddy Roosevelt.

In 1938, 42 years after his retirement, John became The Lone Ranger one last time while helping his great nephew Britt Reid (better known as The Green Hornet) catch Charles Bowles Jr.,the son of infamous frontier outlaw "Black Bart". Chasing one of Bowles Jr.'s henchmen through a stadium, John was grabbed by his red handkerchief and pulled down by the man, who was falling from the top of the bleachers. The fall did not kill John immediately, giving him just enough time to tell Britt that The Lone Ranger legacy must never die. A few days later, John was buried next to Tonto in a Chicago cemetery.

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Silver the Horse - The Lone Ranger uses a horse named Silver as his mode of transport.