Quote1 Oh? Do you find dead people to be particularly chatty? Quote2
-- Red Sonja

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Synopsis for the 1st StoryEdit

Charon (the boatman of the River Styx) shows what it would be like if Sonja became Dark Sonja. Sonja would fall in love with King Ghannif and marry him, before having his most trusted men murdered or accused of said murders, before Sonja has Mika murder her husband in his sleep, and thus Sonja becomes queen. She then forces herself upon the imprisoned Osin and births their child, who proceeds to try to tear through Sonja's flesh before its birth, and thus Dark Sonja tears its head from its shoulders. The infants corpse then takes the form of the Borat-Na Fori.


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  • In issue 3, there is a woman named Solath and a man named Mika, but in this issue, their names are reversed.

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