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The Lone Ranger chases Murder, Inc. and the Cavendish Gang across Chicago.


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  • Kip offering John Reid a pair of sunglasses to replace his mask is a reference to the infamous lawsuit between Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger of the television series and two feature films) and Jack Wrather (who owns the Lone Ranger character). In 1979, Wrather obtained a court order prohibiting Moore from making future public appearances as The Lone Ranger since he had plans for a new Lone Ranger project with new actors (which eventually became the 1981 film The Legend of the Lone Ranger) and did not want the public to think that Moore would be the star of this new film. Moore then decided to continue wearing The Ranger's iconic outfit, only substituting the mask for a pair of large sunglasses that wrapped around his face. Shortly after this, Moore counter-sued Wrather and won, allowing him to once again wear the mask.

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